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During my first ever visit to Arches National Park I did not want to miss the sunset and took off like a flash along the trail with my sweetheart along side. We made it about half way up and she said "there is not need to push so hard." I reminded her that I am not able to slow the sun and that we needed to press on. We made it to the top platform before the narrow trail to the arch and people were looking at me strange. I had exhausted myself and had turn a nice pasty shade of white. After a short rest I was back in action and felt great but I gained a tremendous respect for the heat and elevation gain while hiking this park.

I felt so great in fact that I decided on the fly that we should outlast all the tourists to take some night shots of the Delicate Arch and do a little light painting. Looking back it might have been my internal system subliminally suggesting that I stay and rest a little longer but either way I'm glad we stuck it out and I was able to make this this shot. It's been one of my favorites ever since.

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