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Long Exposure Night Photography Workshop

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My long exposure workshop has been created to provide the technical instruction in a fun environment with personalized assistance. My goal is to provide you with the a full disclosure of all my techniques and photography tricks to provide you with the skills to confidently venture out into the night and capture photographs similar to the ones shown on this page and in my Night Photography Portfolio.

It will not matter if you are new to photography or if you are an experienced night sky photographer, I will show you some tips and tricks that will allow you to produce amazing night sky images that you can add to your portfolio.

I offer the types of night workshop outings :

     - 4 hr Solo/ personal one on one at location of your choice ($250 per/person)
     - 4 hr Solo registration with open group to a max of 6 people ($250 per/person)
     - 4 hr Private booking of a groups of 4 people $200 each  (20% discount)
     - 4 hr Private booking of a groups of 6 people  $185 each (25% discount)

I'll come and provide a 1 hour talk about long exposure night photography with a question and answer period followed by 4 hour night workshop at a suitable location. Email or call me (250-462-0376) to discuss the details of your club and location.

                A DSDL Camera is very powerful and creative tool....
                            ....learn to use it for the best results.

How do you know if this course is right for you?
If you answer yes to any of the following you will benefit from a night photography course:

     - Are you new to night photography?
     - I have never tried to focus in the dark
     - I have no idea what settings to use for night photography
     - I’m not sure what aperture I should use
     - I need help to calculate the exposure length
     - I’m open to learning something new and fun
     - I have no idea what light painting is or how to do it


During this workshop what will we cover?

     - The recommended settings to photograph the milky way
     - Two techniques to produce crisp clear star trial images
     - How to focus on the stars
     - Selecting the right ISO and battling dark noise
     - Desired Aperture and lens selection
     - How to calculate and determine the correct long exposure length.
     - Introduction to light painting and scene manipulation

** I will provide a handout with a detailed description of the setting and techniques of this workshop for future reference. **

What the participant needs:

Creating an image of the night sky is fun and and quite rewarding but when you capture that “great wow image” it’s awesome on whole new level. To get started there are a few pieces of standard equipment needed to successfully capture the night sky and create great star trail images:

DSLR Camera/ Sturdy tripod / A clear night / Fully charged battery / Lots of time / Intervalometer / Countdown timer /  Red covered flashlight (no white light please!
Free image stacking software / Image processing software.


Hands on workshop: You must have a DSLR to participate. Even though I'm very knowledgeable and can guide you to your setting I'll ask that you still bring along your manual for cross reference. (just in case)
This is a hands on workshop with the majority of learning being conducted in the field but it's best to get familiar with of your camera settings before heading out into the darkness. Next we will travel to one of three locations selected for optimum lighting conditions to allow the best opportunity to return home with a few great night sky images to add to your portfolio. It goes without saying that  encourage hands on participation for real time practice and questions in the field.

New Dates will be announced around March/ April 2015

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